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English Document Proof reading service

English Document Proof reading

and correction service…

The Difference between passing your University course or failing can be in how well your presentations and assignments are published.

If your assignments are full of English language Grammar errors and  Typos then you are destined for a low or failing mark.

Our ESOL Tutors can help by preparing you for your final assignment and if that’s not enough can proof read and correct your assignments before they become an F for FAIL..

Imagine how you and your family will feel when you start getting your very best marks ..

Our rates are very competitive when you compare them to the price of  failing your course or missing the Honors roll.

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ESOL Citizenship course

The UK ESOL Citizenship course.

All about Life in the UK Test and ESOL Citizenship Course Life in the UK test is completely a computer based test which is generally accessible to get on accredited centers in United Kingdom like Wales, England, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Whether you wish to take the test to become a UK citizen or you desire to live in the country for good, it must be taken as one of the major decisions in your life. The prepare for the test you should only read the Home Office approved official book “A journey to citizenship” latest edition. There are also several websites that give a sample life in the UK test online. These tests allow a person to make him prepare for the exam. You can gain knowledge and information about the pattern of the test and the kind of questions you will get in your real test. To find all the information about the test and local test centers, you must visit the government’s official website

What to Expect in the test?

The exam usually has 24 questions that need to be completed in 45 minutes. You need to answer 18 questions correct o pass the test. The cost of the test is £34, and official book can cost you up to £10, so taking the test can be real time consuming and costly. Therefore you should make sure you are well prepared before attempting the test. Don’t worry if you are unsuccessful, you can always try again. You also need to take the ID documents to the test centre. The acceptable identification documents are such as a photo ID, passport or Driving License, immigration status document and a proof of residence showing your name and address.

What should I do if your English Level is Low?

If your English level is lower than Entry 3 and you want to apply for settlement or naturalization, then you must take ESOL course at Entry 1, 2 or 3 level with citizenship context. A good ESOL education Tutor will help you to learn English in a  way so as to meet the requirements. You will also learn about Life in the UK through different exercises. Local education and community colleges provide ESOL courses. ESOL classes will help you in improving your knowledge and English language. You must make sure that the ESOL course is taught with citizenship context before joining a college. After completing the course, the institute must provide you with an ESOL certificate along with a Home Office confirmation letter. With these two documents you do not have to do the computer base Life in the UK Test and you can apply for indefinite stay or naturalization.

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5 English pronunciation Tips

Are people having trouble understanding you when you speak, but you’re not really sure why? The hardest part about improving your English pronunciation is figuring out what you might be doing wrong. Here are the top 5 reasons why people might be misunderstanding you, and some quick tips for how to fix each of these issues.

1. Stressing individual words incorrectly
If you usually speak with native English speakers, this will be the number one reason why they misunderstand you. It’s very hard for native English speakers to ‘translate’ a word spoken as ‘caLENdar’ to the way they would pronounce it, ‘CALendar’.

Non-native English speakers don’t have as much of a problem with this, and will probably still understand what you’re trying to say.

Quick fix:
Listen carefully to the way people around you pronounce their words. If you hear a pronunciation that is different from yours, check the dictionary (even if it’s a common word) to be sure that you’re stressing it correctly. Some commonly mis-stressed words that I hear (with proper stress in capitals) include: PURchase, COLleague, phoTOGraphy and ecoNOMic.

2. Stressing the wrong words in a sentence
Remember that you can completely change the meaning of a sentence by stressing different words in that sentence. For example, you could say this sentence in a number of different ways:

“I didn’t say we should drive this way.”

If you stress I, you emphasize that taking that route wasn’t your idea. On the other hand, if you stress drive, you emphasize the mode of transport.

If you don’t pay close attention to the words that you stress, you could end up sending a completely different message than the one you intended.

Quick fix:
Think about placing added emphasis on the word that is most important to your meaning. You can add emphasis by lengthening the word, saying it slightly louder and/or changing the pitch of your voice slightly.

3. Pronouncing certain consonant sounds incorrectly
If people are misunderstanding you, it could very well be due to you confusing what we call ‘voiced’ and ‘unvoiced’ sounds. You might substitute ‘p’ for ‘b’ or ‘t’ for ‘d’, for example. These sounds are so easily confused because their only difference is whether or not you use your voice to produce them. If you aren’t careful, you could be making mistakes like saying ‘tuck’ for ‘duck’ or ‘pay’ for ‘bay’.

Quick fix:
Pay attention to how you use your voice when you speak. You should be able to feel the vibration of your vocal cords when you make voiced sounds (b, d, g, v, z, r, l, m, n, ng, dge, zh, and voiced th). You can also try to make lists of pairs of words that use the sounds you find challenging and practice repeating those. Record yourself so you can hear whether you’re making any progress.

4. Mixing up short and long vowel sounds
Vowel sounds, like consonant sounds, can also be confused easily. The main problem with vowels happens when you mix up long and short vowel sounds. For example, the long ‘ee’ sound in ‘seat’ with the short ‘i’ sound in ‘sit.’ If you confuse these sounds, you end up saying completely different words. This can get confusing in conversation and forces people to draw much more from the context of your speech than the speech itself.

Quick fix:
Make practice word lists like the ones you made for the consonant sounds and practice the sounds that are difficult for you.

5. Forgetting to finish your words
Do you have a tendency to let your word endings drop? I often hear people drop the ‘ed’ ending off of words in the past tense, for example. This is a dangerous mistake because not only is your pronunciation wrong, but it also sounds like you’re making a grammatical mistake. People could judge you based on this type of error.

Quick fix:
Do everything you can to articulate your word endings. One exercise that might help is to move the word ending onto the front of the following word. This will only work if the following word begins with a vowel sound. For example, try saying ‘talk tuh lot’ instead of ‘talked a lot’.

For more on this topic, and other great tips to speaking clearly and confidently, visit the English Pronunciation Lab and sign up for the FREE English Pronunciation Short Course.

Article Source:

Article Source:

English Pronunciation for Chinese Learners

Correct English Pronunciation

for Chinese Learners

Learning the correct methods on how to practice English pronunciation can be a challenge. Many native Chinese professionals and students have difficulty pronouncing American vowel sounds and often omit word endings as they practice English pronunciation. The correct vowel production is based on the position of the tongue, lips, and the tension of the facial muscles:

• The tongue position is based on the location and height
• The lip position is either rounded or unrounded
• Facial muscles are tense or relaxed

In American accent training, it is important to note that the tip of the tongue rests against the back of the lower teeth in every vowel sound. You may want to try to practice this position. When native Chinese speakers pronounce these three words, ” bait”,” bat”, and “bet”, it will sound like they have said the word, “bet”, three times.

In situations like this the first thing that you notice is the vowel sound, “A”. You will need to lengthen the “A” sound in the word, “bait”, for example to pronounce that word correctly. To pronounce the second word, “bat” correctly, you will need to first close your lips tightly and build up pressure to release quickly to say, “b”. To pronounce the vowel, you will need to lower your jaw, then keeping your tongue relaxed in your mouth.

To pronounce “bet”, you will say the “b” syllable as in the previous word. The vowel is pronounced by keeping the front portion of the tongue towards the roof, and the sides touching you’re inside upper teeth with your mouth open slightly.

Don’t worry if you don’t pronounce everything perfectly the first time as you learn English pronunciation. Just remember to make list of frequently used words that you have difficulty pronouncing and ask someone who speaks well to record the words for you. This way, you will have an example to refer to as you practice. You can listen to the practice word, and then repeat it several times while you imitate the intonation and word pronunciation of the speaker. It’s always best to have frequent practice several times a day rather than one long session.

For additional help on mastering vowels, check out 7 Weeks to a Better American Accent for Native Mandarin Speakers – volume 1, published by Sovereign language press. Tracey Ingram, M.A., M.S. is a certified accent coach, and the author of a brand new book with MP3 (audio) published by Sovereign Language Press.

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English Language Tutor in Auckland

Finding  an English Language

Tutor in Auckland


When new migrants arrive in Auckland New Zealand they will soon find they need to speak the English language and often require the services of a ESOL home based  English Language TUTOR.


So where do they start looking ? There are some Tutors provided for free , but unfortunately there is a long waiting list and it is almost impossible to find a TUTOR fast.




You Need To Learn English Fast

The problem is that as a new arrival you need to learn English Language skills fast. The choice you have to make is do you wait for months or even years to find a volunteer English Language Tutor or do you find one privately. Private Tutors provide English language services that suite your particular needs and time pressures. They can also provide support via Skype and more frequent lessons than you would get from a volunteer TUTOR. Speeding up the learning process and getting results faster.



The English Language Course – ESOL


The home based English language course ESOL or ESL offers the learner the comfort of learning English at home . Very often the TUTOR will visit one or more a week and spend an hour or two with the learner. Teaching new words , phrases  and pronunciation then set some tasks that the learner can do at home by themselves.




It is important to have an English Language TUTOR because they are can help you overcome English language learning difficulties fast . They are experienced at teaching English Language Skills to people who do not fully understand the English language. The result is that the learner becomes fluent in the English Language faster than if  they were alone. This can result in becoming more confident, independent and settled more quickly.



Learning the English Language fast is a must for new migrants . The flexibility and  speed that a private  English TUTOR  provides  will save hours of needless pain and frustration. A TUTOR that can help you learn Fast and help overcome learning difficulties.



The Find Out More how we can help you Learn English Fast

Contact us Today




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Learning English Online

Learning  English Online

There are already many websites that allow you to learn English online. It is a well known fact that English is already the predominant language all over the world. As a matter of fact, English is now more commonly referred to as the world or international language because many countries adapt it as their official or second language. While it may be true that English is not the official language in most parts of the world, it is officially taught as the second language in most countries around the world. With so many countries, organizations, and businesses adapting English as a form of communication, there is no better time to learn English online than now!

Importance of Learning English

English is used in all airports as an official means of aerial communication. It is also used in the shipping industry as an official maritime communication. The English language is also the official language of the United Nations. Most, if not all, internationally recognized organizations also use English as an official language. This has never been truer than during the 2008 Olympics in China. The International Olympic Committee’s official language is English. And because the 2008 Olympics were held in China, there was a great demand for the Chinese nationals to learn to speak English as their second language. Many businesses required employees to speak English or take English lessons because of the influx of tourists and investors.

China – Biggest English learners

China became the biggest market for English classes in every media–print, broadcast and online. And as such, many have opted to go learn English online in this busy and fast-developing country. English lessons have become such an integral part of the Chinese education that all schools are now integrating it in their curriculum. The study of English has become very important for their citizens not only because it improves their communication skills but also because it offers them an opportunity to find good jobs.

The EU- English Language

The European Union has also adapted English as an official form of communication. The European Union is composed of 27 member states with a standardized system of laws for all its member states. The importance of learning to speak English in communicating internationally cannot be denied by its members. Even its non-English speaking members like the Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark and many other non-English speaking countries, are able to converse in English competently.

Career Opportunity

So if you want to advance your career or your business internationally, then you should also learn English online making it your top priority. Learning English online is the key to your success in native English speaking. English classes are conducted on virtual classrooms that will enable you to learn according to your own time and your own pace. Having to learn English online has never been this easy. The internet has provided many individuals with learning experiences that many other traditional classroom-type sessions cannot offer.

The virtual classrooms will help you learn to speak English at your own time and at your own pace. The benefits of learning English online are endless. You only need an internet connection and you are ready to learn wherever you are, whatever time you want. You don’t have to worry about being late in class, being stuck in traffic or going overtime at work. You don’t even have to worry about what clothes you are going to wear! You will be able to speak the native English language comfortably, effectively and with confidence learn English online now and be above the rest!

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