English Classes

Our English Language classes are conducted in various ways to accommodate the needs of our students around the world.

One on One English language Classes

One of the best methods is for a learner to have one on one , face to face lessons with their teacher/ tutor either at home or at the teachers residence . The learner benefits- in that this is a very private time during which they can ask questions and get answers quickly . It is very dependent on geographical location and in some cases the teacher / tutor can provide lessons  in the learners country through a partnership agreement.

On Line – Video conferencing – English Language Classes

Another method that is very successful is to provide lessons to English language students “on line” through the use of video conference technology such as skype .You will see a button on this website that links to a Teacher/ Tutor and you can leave messages at any time .


Try it for yourself !! Click the skype botton in the right hand margin of this page —>>>

The Classroom Method for Teaching English Language

A classroom with a group of learners provides and environment where learners can interact with the teacher and other learners and can be a stimulating and challenging way to learn the English language . This is ideal where a group of similar level learners with the same first language or similar culture.

Whatever method works for you we have a solution and a program .

Contact us today to find out how you can join a class.

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