ESOL Citizenship course

The UK ESOL Citizenship course.

All about Life in the UK Test and ESOL Citizenship Course Life in the UK test is completely a computer based test which is generally accessible to get on accredited centers in United Kingdom like Wales, England, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Whether you wish to take the test to become a UK citizen or you desire to live in the country for good, it must be taken as one of the major decisions in your life. The prepare for the test you should only read the Home Office approved official book “A journey to citizenship” latest edition. There are also several websites that give a sample life in the UK test online. These tests allow a person to make him prepare for the exam. You can gain knowledge and information about the pattern of the test and the kind of questions you will get in your real test. To find all the information about the test and local test centers, you must visit the government’s official website

What to Expect in the test?

The exam usually has 24 questions that need to be completed in 45 minutes. You need to answer 18 questions correct o pass the test. The cost of the test is £34, and official book can cost you up to £10, so taking the test can be real time consuming and costly. Therefore you should make sure you are well prepared before attempting the test. Don’t worry if you are unsuccessful, you can always try again. You also need to take the ID documents to the test centre. The acceptable identification documents are such as a photo ID, passport or Driving License, immigration status document and a proof of residence showing your name and address.

What should I do if your English Level is Low?

If your English level is lower than Entry 3 and you want to apply for settlement or naturalization, then you must take ESOL course at Entry 1, 2 or 3 level with citizenship context. A good ESOL education Tutor will help you to learn English in a  way so as to meet the requirements. You will also learn about Life in the UK through different exercises. Local education and community colleges provide ESOL courses. ESOL classes will help you in improving your knowledge and English language. You must make sure that the ESOL course is taught with citizenship context before joining a college. After completing the course, the institute must provide you with an ESOL certificate along with a Home Office confirmation letter. With these two documents you do not have to do the computer base Life in the UK Test and you can apply for indefinite stay or naturalization.

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